Two Years, Too Quick

Leaving our toddler years behind!

It’s true! This month marks two full years in business for us! In July 2013, we sent our first brochure in the mail and made our first calls to communicate to California Service Providers who we were and our solution: QuickSolvePlus! Many of our current customers were on the receiving end then.

We’ve had tremendous growth these last two years, both in our product offerings as well as our business acumen. Did you know that since our inception, over 3,500 QSP users have created over ONE MILLION shifts for over 2,500 clients?!?! Can we do 2 million?

These last 12 months alone we rolled out QSMobile and QSClock for iOS and Android, as well as engineered an SLS OT tool!

We all must learn to walk before we run, and we are eager to continue to earn your complete satisfaction. Thank you for a tremendous first two years!

QSP University

Wait! QSP has a university?! Not technically. But, we do have a complete online Web Chat Curriculum Series that include over 7 hours of video that teach the basics of QSP! (*Diploma not included). You can access it at any time by going here:

Recent Fixes

  • Previously, when creating an SLS-Shared shift that conflicted/overlapped with another shift with the same staff and client, there was an issue with only part of the shared shift saving, and the linked part that conflicted with the same client and staff would not save. To solve this, any time an SLS-shared shift is created and one of the clients linked to this shift conflicts with the same staff and same client already scheduled, a prompt will alert you that the shift cannot be scheduled. Below is a pic of what the issue looked like from the Worker View, only showing one client initials versus two.

  • Client IHSS NOA History: There was an issue with entries not saving.This has been resolved.
  • QSClock Field Staff Created Shifts: The Split and Validate process has been cleaned up to allow for variations on when data is entered in the process.
  • Scheduler: There was an error message that users were getting when they woudl select multiple days, then unselect all but one day, and then go through the process of creating a shift. This has been resolved.
  • Overlap and Break Reports:  Shift validations for Previous and Next shifts have been added when editing a shift within these reports. Client name is now displayed in this edit shift screen as well.
  • Shifts with Missing Workers: Cancelled shifts were appearing on this report. This is now resolved

Check back for often for more updates!