This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” web chat is part two in the S-Series (Schedule Series) and highlights the following features:

  • POS and IHSS dashboard
  • IHSS and IHDP tracking
  • Filling holes
  • Cancelling appointments
  • Mileage tracking
  • Service notes, Schedules notes
  • Daily schedule view
  • Meal breaks

POS and IHSS dashboard

A beautiful feature within QSP is the ability to manage the utilization of a client’s POS from their Schedule! The POS Dashboard toggle allows you to manage multiple authorizations at once! It takes the POS (or IHSS NOA) value(s) from the Client Profile, in-conjunction with the service types the client receives (as you indicate under their Client Info 2 tab), and displays that information in their POS dashboard. The POS dashboard can be toggled between multiple authorizations to see scheduled utilization.

IHSS and IHDP Tracking

The IHSS reporting tool is helpful to see and communicate how many IHSS hours are being used, by whom, on what day, and with which consumer. This report can be viewed per client to see how many IHSS hours are being claimed for each worker, or it can be viewed per worker, to quickly see how their IHSS hours are distributed with each client. This report is easily printable.

Filling holes

As is the nature of the social services business, time is spent finding staff to work open shifts. Within QSP’s scheduler is a tool that will identify which staff are available during a selected time period, as well as if they are trained with the client.

Cancelling Appointments

As is typical with Independent Living Services (ILS), a client may cancel a scheduled appointment with their instructor. This can be easily labeled as “cancelled” rather than deleted completely from the schedule. This will allow that cancelled appointment to be hidden from view, but not deleted, so it can be referenced later if there’s a need to see how many times a client cancelled in a given month.

Mileage Tracking

Mileage totals as well as locations traveled to and from can be captured within the edit shift window from the Schedule of a worker and client. The info input here will be available in a mileage tracking report when needed.

Service Notes

This blank text field is used to capture service notes from staff about the task, goals, etc completed during their shift with their client. These service notes will generate to a Service Note Report that can be generated for a time frame that you choose within the month. SLS and ILS service notes are slightly different in their layout.

Schedule Notes

These type of notes can be input into a shift when needing to comment about a the scheduled shift. Whatever is input into the schedule notes field will display on the corresponding worker’s time sheet.

Meal Breaks

When creating or editing a shift, a meal break can be input into the shift as well. There is an application setting in the Utilities module of QSP that can be turned on or off to trigger a meal break from being processed on the payroll report and time sheets.