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It’s an issue, and very frustrating, when you or your employees can’t access important information in the moments they need it most. Or, maybe you’re the type of agency that puts together binders full papers with confidential information on it, only for those papers to be irrelevant the moment any data changes. Plus, there’s a huge security risk if those papers fall into the wrong hands.  This can be incredibly scary and risky. Our mobile app, QSMobile, eliminates the need to carry around confidential paperwork, by allowing you to access your most important data that’s stored safely in your QSP database, thus giving you the peace of mind, and confidence to get stuff done, quickly and securely.

QSP Mobile App

Active QSP users leverage QSMobile for so many of its quick, convenient features. These features include:

  • Managing client and employee schedules
  • Tracking mileage and writing service notes
  • Tracking POS and IHSS utilization per client
  • Managing client Doctor visits, Medications, Contacts, and Incident Reporting.
  • Client address mapping
  • Employee OT checks
  • Finding trained and available employees to work shifts
  • Submitting Time Off Requests
  • Signing timesheets electronically

The amount of access and permissions within QSMobile can be completely customized giving you control over what your team can and can’t do.

Install QSMobile on your device now. An active QSP account is required for access