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Our recent update includes a new tool in the client profile that solves the training paperwork dilemma by creating a paperless training guide that uses electronic signatures and automatic data entry to ensure a quick and complete training guide process that saves you time and effort, and leaves you feeling confident and safe that your employee’s client-specific […]

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Employee Schedule Preferences Here are the 8 key steps to maximizing the use of Schedule Preferences Set Schedule Preference Security Check that the 2 permissions relating to Schedule Preferences are properly set for each Role. We recommend logging in as each Role to ensure that it is configured per your needs. Employee Schedule Preference Maintenance […]

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This update to QSP enhances and modifies how service types are used throughout QSP. Read the in-depth details of how it can work for you. Application Settings: Custom Service Types Whether you are vendored for SLS, ILS, Residential, CIT, ABA, FHA, PA or anything in between, creating and configuring your agency’s applicable service types begins […]