QSP’s mobile time clock captures attendance in real time

QSClock time and attendance software

5 Incredibly Powerful Reasons to Use QSClock

  1. Increases accountability between staff and client through its GPS function (which electronically verifies the visit) and No Clock alerts, when a staff fails to clock in.
  2. Increases accountability between your agency, Regional Center and Parents, which increases your reliability as a respected service provider and strengthens your relationship with the Regional Centers, parents, and conservators.
  3. Improves payroll accuracy. Every minute is captured that staff are serving their clients upon each clock in and clock out.
  4. Strengthens communication between staff and supervisor. Staff can communicate reasons for any variance in their schedule, and why it occurs.
  5. Improves billing accuracy. Schedule-driven, so you are invoicing Regional Center accurately, which ultimately, helps keep you audit-safe.

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