QSP Electronic Visit Verification

Federal EVV Requirements of the 21st Century Cures Act requires the use of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Medicaid-provided personal care services and home health services.

The objective for California is to implement EVV for Personal Care Services by January 2022.

We have the EVV solutions that will keep you feeling audit-safe, and confident, as you navigate this opportunity to increase accountability through electronic visit verification.

  • Type of service performed

  • Individual receiving the service

  • Date of service

  • Time the service begins and ends

  • Location of service delivery

  • Individual providing the service

GPS Verification

  • Our mobile time clock (available for iOS and Android) uses real-time GPS technology to verify the employee’s location at the time of clock in/out via GPS-enabled devices. An employee’s location is NOT continuously tracked. GPS is only captured at the time of clock in or out
  • If a device’s GPS cannot be captured, automatic alerts are sent to supervisors.
  • Unlimited pre-approved clock in/out locations can be set for each client.
  • Geofencing can be enabled to capture any attempt an employee makes to clock in/out beyond the geofence radius you define per client.
  • All visits are screened for exceptions so there are never any rejected visits when transmitting to the EVV Aggregator.

Other Ways to Verify Service Delivery

Signature Verification

  • This optional feature allows employees and clients to mutually apply their signatures to the service record specific to their visit.
  • A real-time service record dashboard allows supervisors to track the completion of each employee and client signature for each visit

Objectives Validation

  • Employees can write objective-specific notes pertaining to the goals/assignments/tasks/activity that were worked on during each visit.
  • Time spent on each objective is validated against the total scheduled visit
  • Notes are exportable and can be viewed by management in real-time

Visual Verification

  • Go beyond the mandated EVV requirements and allow employees to take a picture showing themselves with the client during their visit
  • This unique identifier could create an extra layer of fraud protection helping to authenticate identity and location.


  • Includes customizable configurations for early/late and/or missed visit alerts via text, email, or our QSMessages.
  • Instantly notifies supervisors of missed visits, early/late visits, and new visits, helping to increase real-time awareness of care and accountability.

Schedule Driven Verification

  • Client and employee visits are created and managed within QSP’s Scheduler, which is what each visit verification feature references
  • Client and employee schedules are updated in real-time to reflect the actual clocked times of the employee during each visit
  • Each scheduled visit contains the date and time of service, the type of service, the individual receiving the service, and the person providing the service.


  • Comprehensive reporting includes exportable payroll and billing reports, service record data, time and attendance tracking, schedule of visits, notes, and more.
  • Includes flexible reporting date ranges and filter options