So many agencies that provide community-based services to developmentally disabled adults STRUGGLE to find a software that really gets their complex and unique needs, so we created an industry-specific solution that is flexible and easy to use so that you can spend more time caring for people.  

Getting started can be as easy as 1-2-3:

What the Customers are Saying About QSP

Solving challenges that plague the human service industry:

  • Inability to access data on the go? SOLVED!
  • Data not in one, convenient location? SOLVED!
  • Difficulty tracking IHSS or POS utilization? SOLVED!
  • Wasted time checking timesheets vs schedules for accuracy? SOLVED!
  • Struggle knowing if staff are on shift with client? SOLVED!
  • Challenge to get client schedules that always match billing? SOLVED!
  • Repetitive data entry? SOLVED!
  • Unnoticed, expired POS? SOLVED!
  • Accidental double booking staff? SOLVED!
  • Unsecured communication with staff? SOLVED!

We’ve Got 2 Middle Names: Reliable & Secure

QuickSolvePlus goes where you go, but it is also on a secure,  HIPAA compliant and dedicated server, so you know your important information is safe and sound.  We understand the value of your information and will make sure it is protected….read more

QuickSolvePlus will help you support your consumers more quickly and accurately and at a lower cost by automating much of what you may do by hand or in multiple locations, requiring double or triple entry of your data.

QSP will serve your business to:

  • Save administrative time by eliminating the need to check timecards vs. schedules.
  • Help you capture 100% of IHSS and POS hours by providing real time utilization knowledge.
  • Provide information to help quickly fill scheduling holes whether at the office or on the road.
  • Provide accurate information when the regional center or labor boards ask difficult questions.
  • Increase payroll accuracy and eliminate accidental double staffing or overlapping.
  • Decrease the time you need to take processing payroll by up to 50%.

About QuickSolvePlus

QuickSolvePlus is the SLS & ILS Management Software made by the social service industry for the social industry.

Developed on the front lines by a Northern California operator, QSP has been tailored to meet the unique needs of California, and can also be customized for the types of services you provide

  • Fun

    Software? Fun?!?  Yes.  It is easy when you love what you do.  This team is a place with laughter and quick wit.  Never a dull moment with this group!

  • Responsive

    You need to be there for your clients and staff twenty four hours a day, let us be there for you.  Ok.  Maybe not twenty four, but you get the idea.

  • Efficient

    The quickest way to get somewhere is a straight line.  We always find the straight line and go that way.

  • Effective

    We get it done.  We will be there, do it quickly, but most importantly, we will have a product and service that’ll git ‘er done.

  • FREE

    Yep—you got it.  This is an acronym (would we truly work with the Regional Center if we didn’t know how to turn everything into alphabet soup?!)  FREE.  We aren’t free… responsibly priced, yes… BUT we will free-up your time, your resources, your team to get the rest of the stuff done and go home on time for once.

Where You Go, QSP Goes

QuickSolvePlus rises to the challenge from PCs to Macs, desktops to mobile devices because we are completely browser-based.

That means that anywhere you have an internet connection, you can connect to our “cloud” to access your info. In fact, deploying QuickSolvePlus on-the-go is super easy: just open a browser, type in your company-specific address, enter your login credentials and away you go!

Seen enough?

We’d love to give you a live, hands-on demo – right on your own local machine! Or maybe you’ve got questions, in which case we’d love to talk with you.

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California SLS & ILS management software

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