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One of the most detailed and crucially important parts of working with our clients is medication tracking: ensuring the right medication is given at the right time. Unfortunately, many employees who are assisting the client with med administration forget to do it, or they do not complete each med pass, or they mix up medication dosages. This is dangerous for the client, and can leave the agency feeling vulnerable and incompetent.

QSMed is our solution for making you and your team look like med geniuses. Our mobile medication tracking app uses the client medication data that’s already entered into QSP to send medication reminders when their scheduled medication is coming due for administration leaving virtually no way for a medication pass to ever be missed. If any medication details are updated, QSMed reflects these updates in real time, so medication details are always up to date. Admin can feel confident with our robust Medication Administration Reports which breaks down each med for each client at each time, and who acknowledged and when.

Introduce QSMed at you agency for as low as $30/month

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