• Create a schedule for 2+ people being served at the same time or any staff ratio.
  • Real-time IHSS and POS tracking so you know who and how much is being used
  • Variable schedule view allows you to see a schedule from the view of the person being served or that of the staff.
  • Schedule in advance and repeat regular schedules, or schedule shifts as needed
  • Set up warnings or restrictions to avoid unwanted scheduling conflicts or overtime
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  • Manage medications and doctors visits
  • Keep track of appointments and contacts
  • Annual/Quarterly tracking
  • ISP templates
  • Automated reporting of face sheets, med quarterlies, and more
  • Emergency Action Plans are automatically generated
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  • 100% accuracy between the schedule, timecards, payroll and billing
  • Automatically create accurate timecards
  • Create exportable payroll spreadsheets
  • Billing and payroll data at your fingertips, wherever you are, to improve efficiency
  • Manage all Authorized vs Scheduled hours
  • Keep track of pre-employment requirements like CPR and First-Aid
  • Keep track of staff training needs
  • Automatically notify staff and managers when a HR record has expired, like auto insurance
  • Historical record of rates of pay and raises
  • Electronic storage for important documents
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QSMobile is available in the iTunes and Google Play. This is a slimmed down version of QSP, but with all the necessities to schedule/edit shifts, enter mileage, write service notes, monitor POS/IHSS utilization, view client doctor appointments, medication and general info, as well as some worker profile information


QSClock  can be used to reduce your Overtime exposure by providing your field staff a tool to accurately track their attendance with their clients, and provide management with timely alerts and information to manage their workforce efficiently. QSClock, like QSMobile, is an application that operates on mobile devices. It is available in iTunes and Google Play. Click here to check out its features!