Quality Assurance

In most industries, Quality Assurance (QA) is aimed at ensuring efficient output and quality of a product.  In human services, the “product” is a service that impacts the quality of a person’s life.  QA ensures that policies and practices are in place to provide quality results, stability in services, health and safety of people receiving services and accountability to desired outcomes.  QA also measures our performance of service contracts and expected industry best practice. QA includes monitoring practices for both people receiving services as well as the staff supporting them.

The Secret to Loving Your Job

Working for a company that serves adults with disabilities is not just a profession for me; it’s a deeply personal journey anchored in my core values. The secret to my genuine love for this job lies in the alignment with my beliefs, the compassionate community surrounding me, and the continual personal and professional growth it offers. Here’s a glimpse into my reasons for cherishing this role and tips to help you discover your own “why.”

The Right Way to Write an ISP

When we refer to an ISP or Individual Service Plan, we are talking about the document used by your agency and support team to define the agreement between you and the person receiving services as to what services and support will be provided to meet specified goals and objectives for a set period.

“A test for something being person-centered is that it works for humans.” Michael Smull