#KeepThePromise, Keep Up The Pressure Even though the developmentally disabled community, #KeepThePromise and #LantermanAct, has been neglected, again, there is still action that can be taken in hopes of seeing an increase in funding for service providers throughout the state of California.  Another terrific article (below) by Greg deGiere, Public Policy Director at the Arc California, […]

Save Developmental Services in California The fight continues to save Developmental Services in California. After many, many months of advocating for a 10% across-the-board increase to save developmental services, service providers throughout the state have been at their loudest this past week. A crucial bill was introduced by Senator Ed Hernandez, SB x2-14, that would […]

QSClock: Automated Time Clock app

This QSClock tutorial details the proper way to use the QSClock Created shift function to Clock in to a shift that a staff is picking up or covering for another staff. We all know how it goes: Staff A calls in “sick” so Staff B gets called in to replace Staff A. Well, when because Staff […]