This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” web chat is part three in the S-Series (Schedule Series) and highlights the following features:

  • Audit reports
  • Print and email schedules
  • Print and email Time sheets
  • Expanded calendar views
  • Publish calendars
  • Attendance tracking

Audit Reports

There are a handful of reports that can be generated from the Scheduler in order to audit a schedule: These include: Shift overlaps, Missing workers, and Shift breaks.

Print and Email Schedules

Communicate Schedules with options with the choice to either Print or Email Schedules to Clients and Workers. All from within the Scheduler you can quickly print one schedule at a time, or multiple. If logged into QSP and will be performing the emailing action, the emails will look like they came directly from you, not QSP. Don’t want to waste paper with printing, and some folks don’t have emails? Then give them access to view their schedules directly in QSP by using QSPMobile.

Print and Email Time Sheets

Detailed Time sheets can be email directly to the staff for a chosen time period. Time sheets can be printed individually or in bulk as well, or even emailed in mass!

Expanded Schedule Views

Tired of looking at a calendar for the entire month? Try the weekly view, or daily, or include the prior and next month!

Publish Calendars

Publishing monthly calendars is an optional practice that allows users to track any changes made to a published schedule. This is ideal for tracking attendance concerns.

Attendance Tracking

Must have the schedule published to utilize attendance tracking. If so, an attendance tracking report can be generated to show the shifts the have been adjusted post-publishing, and will give the applicable reason for the change.