This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” Web Chat is part 3 in the U-Series which highlights the following features in QSP’s Applications Settings:

  • Expiration Dates/Scheduling Conditions
  • SLS Overtime Settings
  • Staff Scheduling Preferences
  • QuickSolve Clock Preferences
  • Staff Expense Preferences
  • Client Profile Preferences


Expiration Dates/Scheduling Conditions

Restrict Scheduling to one staff per client, restrict scheduling over time off requests, show client training shifts on the calendar, restrict or warn users when scheduling more than a certain number of hours per shift, and how to utilize un-paid meal breaks.

SLS Overtime Settings

Enabling overtime settings if they apply to your operations.

Staff Scheduling Preferences

Limit what service types display from the Worker scheduling view.

QuickSolve Clock Preferences

Enable the proper service types (SLS, IHSS, ILS, Parenting Support) to be included in the QSP Clock app.

Staff Expense Preferences

Turn on the holidays and the extra rate of pay that apply to your regional center agency.

Client Profile Preferences

Set default day time and night time hours for new clients, and turn off or on agency phone numbers from displaying on a client face sheet.