This QuickSolvePlus Web Chat is part 1 in the E-Series (Employee) which highlights these features:

  • Schedule preferences
  • TOR and PTO’s
  • HR Reports
  • Messaging
  • Status update
  • Rate of Pay history
  • Employee Specific Training
  • Hire Dates
  • Overtime

Schedule Preferences

In each employee’s Human Resource profile their preferred scheduling hours can be set up. This is helpful for schedulers to know when an employee can or cannot work, based on these preferences.


Time Off Requests (TOR) and Paid Time Off (PTO) can be set up per employee to identify the period of time when they are unavailable to be scheduled. This impacts whether a scheduler can schedule them within too, by restricting their availability based on the TOR. TOR’s can also be defined as PTO’s, which means that a Time Sheet will generate, as well as PTO hours to the payroll processing report.


Within QSP a messaging portal exists to email workers in bulk. Filterable by office, the email will appear to come from the sender’s email address, not QSP. This is ideal for mass communication to team members.

Status Update

Determining an employee’s status with the company is important for how they are displayed throughout QSP. A typical employee is marked as “active”. Other status options include “In-active”, “suspended”, or “pending”.

Rate of Pay History

ROP’s will change, and QSP is designed to track the varying rate changes by providing a historical view. Employees also get paid different rates for different types of service that they provide. All this can be captured and tracked within the ROP history of an employee’s HR profile.

Employee Specific Training

From this section training and requirement specifications and expiration dates can be entered and tracked. For example, CPR and First Aid, Live Scan, Driver License, or Title 17 etc. Pre-employment requirements can also be setup to automatically alert staff and office personnel of expiring requirements so you’ll never be unaware.

Hire Dates

Proper hire date entry assists in QSP generating employee reports to the correct company. There is the option within each Employee HR profile to select if they are Hired by your agency, or currently work with a Temp to Hire agency. This determination aids in Payroll processing reports.


If certain employee are allowed to work more overtime than others, that amount can be determined in their employee profile, which will output to the scheduler, ensuring they are not scheduled over their overtime allotment. Wage Order 15 is built in to QSP too.