This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” Web Chat is one part, the R-Series (Report Series), and it highlights the following features:

  • Payroll Processing Report
  • Finalizing Payroll
  • Condensed Payroll Processing Report
  • Simple and detailed Time Sheets
  • Management and billing report
  • Daily Service Billing Report
  • Client Service Summary

Payroll Processing Report

This generates from the worker data represented in the Schedule. It can be generated in excel, or in Preview. The report date time periods can be customized as well. The payroll processing report has one row per worker per client they served. The hours are totaled, as well as the hours worked per service type. If a worker is paid one rate of pay during the day and another rate of pay during an overnight, these are calculated appropriately.

Finalize Payroll

Once the payroll report has been generated, it can also be “finalized’. This prevents any shifts during the processed time period to be deleted.

Condensed Payroll Processing Report

Unlike the Payroll Processing Report, the condensed version does not separate service hours by client, but rather combines all client hours. This report, however, will include Holiday and PTO calculations.

Simple and Detailed Time Sheets

Time cards generate from the worker data represented in the schedule. Like the Payroll processing report, they can be generated for any time period chosen, and accurately capture the start and end times. The Simple Timesheets do not indicate who the employee served. The detailed timesheets are generated per household. If an employee works with multiple clients, a time card is generated per client household, and will also capture shared staffing scenarios.

Management report used for billing

This report uses the client data represented in the client schedules and generates to and excel document that can be used to do regional center billing, whether e-billing to the department of developmental services, or alternatives methods. IHSS is automatically subtracted from authorized POS hours. A built-in dashboard allows managers to see what has been scheduled compared to what has been authorized, to give a real-time utilization.

Daily Service Billing Report

This excel document calculates service hours for 1 on 1, 1 on 2, and 1 on 3 daily staffing hours.

Client Service Summary

This client report is used to see how many hours were worked, and by whom, in a client’s home for a given time period.