This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” Web Chat is part 2 in the C-Series (Client Series) and highlights the following features:

  • Document Library
  • Linking clients
  • Upload photo
  • SIR
  • Home Visits
  • Appointments
  • Staffing Hours
  • Client Service Rates
  • Max daily SLP
  • Overtime calculation rules


Electronic Documentation Library

Files that are stored locally on your machines can also be stored electronically using QSP’s Document storage. This is specifically designed for Client documents. The document tree, in Utilities, can be constructed to match how you want your files to be stored and accessed.

Linking Clients

A benefit of linking clients together comes when creating shared shifts for them in the schedule. Typically, if clients are roommates, or share the same staff, linking clients can be valuable.

Special Incident Report (SIR)

This report generation tool can be used to capture the details of an SIR. The details that are input can be generated into a report. This may or may not satisfy the requests of your Regional Center.

Home Visits

This section of a client’s profile can be used to capture the details of a home visit. Once the details are input, they can be generated to a printed report as well. If need be, a blank Home Visit document can be generated too.


This tab in the client’s profile is specific for capturing medical visit details, like during a doctor appointment. The Medical appointment form can be generated and printed as a blank document and filled out manually if need be. It’s important to note that the data in this tab will only generate to the Appointment Tracking Report.

Staff Hours

Clients may get served up to 24 hours in a day, and staff may get paid different rates of pay depending upon what time of day they worked with a client. Most commonly is when staff work an overnight shift with a client, they will get paid a lower rate than when they work during the day. These staffing hours can be customized per client and is important for proper time sheet and payroll report generation.

Client Service Rates

Client Service Rates are an optional set up in QSP and are beneficial if you have varying worker Rates of Pay per client. Minimum and Maximum rates per service type can be set up that will override what is set up in a worker’s HR profile. You will see the results of setting up Client Service Rates when the Payroll Processing Report is generated in Excel, which will display a worker’s Rate of Pay, and if it was impacted by a specific client’s Service Rate.

Max Daily SLP

Some regional centers will give a service provider a POS authorization for SLP hours, which are specific for Sleep. This daily allotment can be configured in the client’s profile and will display appropriately on the management report used for billing for proper e-billing to DDS.

Overtime calculation rules

If service needs to be limited to x hours per week for specific clients, an overtime total can be setup to prevent over scheduling.