My name is Eric Hess and I’m the CEO of this exciting new company!

My wife, Sadie Hess, a 20 year industry veteran, and I have been working toward this day for 4 years, and now we’re here!  QSP has been built by a SLS & ILS agency for other SLS & ILS agencies.  We know that you’re the hero in the life of your consumer.  We just want to help you be a happier hero.

QSP will help you manage your team of SLS personal attendants and ILS instructors much quicker and easier than you’ve ever known.

  • Scheduling will be a breeze –you’ll quickly see which of your staff are both available and a good personal match for your clients.
  • Timecards will be a snap —they flow right out of the same schedule that you distribute, so you’ll never have to worry that a staff was paid incorrectly because the schedule drives payroll.
  • Invoicing is easier —billing data to the regional center comes out of the schedule so you never have to fear a DDS audit.
  • HR just got more automatic —Staff and case managers receive automatic email notification if a worker’s job requirements like CPR/First Aid or annual Title XVII retraining have expired.
  • Say hello to IHSS utilization —you can see in real time if your team is claiming 100% of IHSS, and if not, you have time in that month to fix it.
We are still building features and tools, like the Mac OSX version (coming October, 2013!) and the simplified mobile version coming in 2014, geared for ILS instructors to use in the field.
Also, there will be a QSP time clock app for smart phones geared for SLS staff, so that all of their start and end times will be instantly communicated to QSP and to their managers.  We hope for an early 2014 release for that app.  Stay tuned for more updates.  We can’t wait to show them off!

As you can see, I am pumped about it all:  QSP’s release, its growth and development, this website, the football season, everything!

My accounts manager, Zeb Gill, and I are meeting with agency after agency, telling about QSP and its awesomeness.