Wow! So excited that we are launching our new website. This has been over two years in the making.

I love when you get to see your ideas become a reality.

I remember the first day that I worked with the software developer and tried to describe what we do as an organization. I could tell he was overwhelmed by the complexity of the service. There are so many moving parts we needed to account for in our software. He went to work and came back a month later with a taste of what we would be able to do and I knew. I knew we would have a product that would save so much time and create better systems and communication. I showed it to my team and they were blown away!

I am not going to make it sound easy. It hasn’t been easy. There was a day where we went to enter the information and the system crashed. In the famous words of one of our team members Jenn, “I am so over this today”. But we pushed through and made something that would work – work consistently and work well. Jenn is one of QSP’s biggest advocates and fans now.

I can’t wait for all of my friends to use this product and experience the relief of a product that actually “gets what we do”.