Browser-based QSP Preview

Take a sneak peek at what we’ve been engineering

We are continuing to make great strides toward the completion of our browser-based QSP!  We are taking extreme care ensuring the best possible conversion, the most seamless transition, and the highest quality product! (Be sure to take the one-question survey to help with our design). Here are some of the features you can expect when QSP is completely browser-based:


Much like a Google or Outlook calendar, easily drag and drop, or click and drag, to change shift dates and times without having to open up the shift details! Editing shifts will be quicker than ever before!


Because QSP will be accessed within a browser, it will respond appropriately with the size of the screen you are using to access your agency data! No matter what type of device used, the experience will be the same!


We’ve revamped our security matrix to give you the greatest level of customization for everyone on your team, and assigning them the appropriate access based on their role in your company. So long to the rigid 7 security levels of before, and hello to endless permission possibilities!


QSP will work on all the great browsers you’re already used to! Not only that, but each QSP customer will have their own unique database for storing and accessing their data!