QSClock: Automated Time Clock app

Early Clock Out

Not every shift is created equal. As staff serve clients in the client’s own home, there is often going to be schedule adjustments that happen. Perhaps staff is on shift and they get called to fill in at another home. Or, the next staff comes early to relieve the current staff. Whatever the case, with QSClock, it’s easy to clock out early and indicate the reason why you are clocking out early prior to the scheduled end time in QSP. The end time will then be automatically be updated in your QuickSolvePlus schedule to reflect the time you actually left!

What does QSClock consider as “early”:

Within your company’s QSP settings is the place to customize what time frame QSClock should consider as “early”. When staff clock in or out before this set amount of minutes of when a scheduled shift is supposed to start or end, a notification will trigger and be sent via email to the appropriate office personnel. Not only that, but the actual clocked time will automatically update the scheduled time in QSP! Since the Schedule in QSP drives payroll and billing reports, this accuracy and automation that QSClock provides is extremely beneficial.