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QSP Tutorials: Security Level Access

Security access within QSP is customizable to fit your agency’s operations. The driving force is Job title/Employment Position. Based on a user’s current position, identified within their profile, will determine what level of access they have to QSP. This tutorial walks you through adding positions to specific security levels, as well as exchanging one job […]

QSP Tutorials: Changing Drop-down Menu Options

Because every agency has distinctions with specific language associated with their operations, QSP makes it easy to tailor words to fit what you do. This tutorial takes you through the Option List Maintenance within the Utilities module and specifically to change Employee Position titles. It’s important to note that throughout QSP you will notice next […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Doctor’s Visits and Med Quarterly Report

Each medical appointment that a client has can be tracked under the Doctor’s tab in their client profile. The notes transcribed within each appointment populate directly to the Medication Annual and Quarterly Reports. Also, each Doctor’s visit appears on the client calendar highlighted in blue.  When adding a new Visit, the doctor name drop down […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Medication

Adding and editing client medication is easy, and you only have to do it once to have it impact all relevant reports downstream: facesheets, Medication Tracking Report and med prescription. How you enter Medication information is up to you and your agency’s operations. You can be as detailed as you’d like. I suggest playing around […]

QSP Tutorials: Level 6 & 7 Scheduling Notification Setup

There are two Security Levels, 6 and 7, that are essentially the same, but with one major difference: Schedule Change vs Schedule Request. As a level 7 user, you are able to create or edit shifts, however, those changes don’t actually occur, but rather trigger an email notification be sent of the appropriate personnel of […]

QSP Tutorials: Print/Email Schedules & Time Cards

Communicate Schedules with options. You have the choice to either Print or Email Schedules to Clients and Workers.  All from within the Scheduler you can quickly print one schedule at a time, or multiple. Time Cards? Yes, emailing or printing time cards can be done fast and not-so-furiously, but rather calmly. If you are logged […]

QSP Tutorials: Management Report and Billing

When it comes to billing, anyone can do it! With the click of a button (or a few), the Management Report can be ran for any month! This report pulls data that is on each consumer’s calendar, which makes transfer and calculations errors virtually non-existent. It’s called a Management Report because it provides a snap […]

QSP Tutorials: Worker Set up for Scheduling

Just like a client’s profile set up, there are a few fields that need necessary data in order to have worker’s ready to be scheduled. Besides their name, Employment Position is required. Keep in mind that this field determines security access (if desired) to QSP. What is also important is to give the worker an applicable […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Set up for Scheduling

Often times the most time consuming part of our jobs is data entry and documentation. When beginning with QSP, there are  only a few fields required in a client’s profile to begin building their schedule right away. Of course, you will probably want to complete their entire client profile, med rx, etc but that isn’t […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Medication Tracking

One of the most vital parts of supporting our consumers is ensuring that they complete the medication regimen that they have been prescribed. QuickSolvePlus has a Medication Tracking Report in place that can be printed and put in the consumer’s home for staff to use as a tool to validate what meds are being administered […]