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QSP Tutorials: SLP POS Hours

Some Regional Centers authorize SLP (or Sleep) Hours. Within the client profile’s of those who utilize that authorization there are two point of data entry required in order to have the Management report used for billing display correctly. First, the Max Daily SLP field needs to have the appropriate hour entered, and there needs to […]

Why we do what we do.

As told and written by Sadie Hess, Director, COMPASS I have two businesses.  One: the SLS and ILS agency and the other: the software that serves the agency. Eric and I chose to offer our software to this vendor community because we truly understand what it is like to be in this industry.  It is […]

QSP Tutorial: QSP Mobile

QSPMobile is an app designed for smartphones and is a slimmed down version of QSP! Because our job is not confined to the office, but we are constantly on the go, QSPMobile gives you scheduling capabilities, and, depending on your security level, access to client and worker info. Calendar appointments, write service notes, track POS […]

QSP Tutorials: Editing Shared Shifts

It’s vital that every shift on the QSP calendar is accurate, especially with appointments that are shared: One worker : Multiple clients. When a change needs to be made to an existing shared shift, QSP prompts you to choose if you want to save the edit for all linked client shifts. So, if client A […]

QSP Tutorials: Office Maintenance

If your company has other offices, you can use QSP to separate your operations, depending on what “office” means to you. Maybe you want to categorize clients and workers by Regional Center, or Payee type.  With other “offices” available, you will assign clients and workers to their appropriate office-type, which QSP will use to help […]

QSP Tutorials: Restrict Scheduling for HR Expirations

Desiring to put up a high wall between a worker’s expired HR requirements and their availability to be scheduled? Within QSP’s Email Notification Set up, you can enable a Scheduling Restriction that actually prevents the scheduling of any worker with an expired HR requirement. You determine the requirement type (ie First Aid, CPR, TB) that […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Specific Training Service Hours

In this QSP tutorial I will teach how to adjust a Worker’s pay structure based on their Client Specific Training’s that can be set up in their HR profile. This type of pay exception takes precedence over the Staffing Hours that are set up in each client’s profile. For example, if Client “A” has premium […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Service Rates

Client Service Rates are an optional set up in QSP, and are beneficial if you have varying worker Rates of Pay per client. Minimum and Maximum rates per service type can be set up that will override what is set up in a worker’s HR profile. You will see the results of setting up Client […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Linked Profiles

In situations where two clients are frequently associated with one another, especially if they share staff, linking client profiles together in QSP can be a huge help! When scheduling Shared appointments, instead of having to scroll through a comprehensive list of clients to link that shift too, having clients linked by their profile will make […]