As told and written by Sadie Hess, Director, COMPASS

I have two businesses.  One: the SLS and ILS agency and the other: the software that serves the agency. Eric and I chose to offer our software to this vendor community because we truly understand what it is like to be in this industry.  It is not for the faint of heart!  It is for the gritty, strong and brave.  It is also for people full of love and heart.  We all need software that works like we work—on the go and full speed ahead!  We are constantly updating, changing and modifying our software to meet the needs of our changing industry.  As I write this, our CEO Eric is on the phone gathering information from one of our customers and a friend in the industry.  We want this product to work for everyone who is daring enough to do this line of work every day.  We want this product to work for you.  So, let us know what you need because chances are it is what we need too.  We are in this with you.  Literally.