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QSP Tutorials: Deleting Schedules

Life is pretty messy, even with extensive planning and preparation, we can always account for something unexpected to happen. Our industry especially, as joyous as it is, still has to manage people who are serving our people. Well, lucky for you schedulers, QSP can handle messes and mistakes with it’s fast and effective “delete” option. […]

QSP Tutorials: Scheduling Security Application Defaults

Of course we trust our people, but how much freedom we give them can vary. In this tutorial, learn how to put security parameters in place that can prevent the intentional, or accidental, attempt to schedule around your application settings. The first application setting set up in this tutorial are to prevent someone from scheduling […]

QSP Tutorials: Client Service Types

Our industry is every-changing, which is why we prize ourselves on our ability to provide tailored supports to each one of our consumers. When it comes to adding or editing the type of service a client receives, there is only one spot that needs that data in order to communicate it everywhere else that needs […]

QSP Tutorials: Bulk Shift Editing

Time is valuable, whether it’s waiting in line for coffee or at a stop light, the less time you have to spend doing it, the more time you have for what’s really important. So many facets of QSP are geared for this type of payoff: low time investment, high quality return. This tutorials explains how […]

QSP Tutorials: Client EAP

Find out how easy it is to construct an Emergency Action Plan for your consumers in this video tutorial. Depending on how your agency operates, data may not be required  in each blank field. If entering ISP and quarterly review dates, these dates will power the automatic email notifications that can be set up to […]

QSP Tutorials: ILS POS Calculator & Cancelling Shifts

It’s a beautiful thing when you are an ILS instructor and serving your consumers out in the community. It’s an even more beautiful thing when you can document the time you’ve worked on the go! However, as we know, there are times when you may have a proposed appointment set up and it has to […]

QSP Tutorials: IHSS Tracking Report

This tutorial shows you how to access and use the IHSS reporting tool which is helpful to see and communicate how many IHSS hours are being used, by whom, on what day, and with which consumer.  This report can be viewed per client, and thus see how IHSS hours are being claimed for each worker, […]

QSP Tutorials: Mileage Tracking

This tutorial shows how a user of QSP can enter the amount of mileage driven with a client during a particular shift. In the edit shift window, not only can mileage be entered, but also the FROM and TO addresses or locations traveled. These location fields can contain a large amount of text, so if […]