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QSP Tutorials: Copy Calendar

You know that feeling of ecstasy after you’ve created the perfect calendar? Well, make that feeling last by using the Copy Calendar function that allows you to copy your schedules from one month to the next, up to as many as months as you’d like.  This tutorial shows you how this is done so you […]

QSP Tutorials: Scheduling Shared Shifts

The simplest form of shared shifts, I think, is when you have one worker serving two specific clients that are roommates. While this may be the simplest, there is still a wide variety of how this could play out in everyday life. Whatever the case, QSP can handle it, giving you the ability to schedule […]

QSP Tutorials: Schedule Multiple Services

It’s boring  just creating one shift type at a time with the same worker. With QSP, why not schedule multiple service types at once from the New Shift screen?! This is ideal when a consumer will be receiving several types of services throughout the day. Perhaps it’s SLS, then IHSS, then Shared SLS. Or maybe […]

QSP Tutorials: Schedule Filters

Have you ever wanted to go back and look at an email, but you can’t find it because it’s buried amongst all your other emails? In those moments, I’m really glad that I can take a shortcut and use the search box and type in a few key words that I know are associated with […]

QSP Tutorials: Schedule Audit Reports

I know we all think we’re perfect, and for good reasons too. But, I’m willing to bet that getting feedback on our work will often times give us the correction we may not have known we needed. QSP provides this feedback with these reports:  Shift Breaks, Shifts with Missing Workers, Shift Overlaps. Granted, QSP will […]

QSP Tutorials: Schedule Views

Depending on your perspective, you may like to view or create a schedule from an individual worker’s view, or from a client’s view. No matter how you choose to construct your masterpiece, the shifts will be fully linked to other other, given you follow the steps in this tutorial when building from the worker side. […]

QSP Tutorials: One Appointment, Multiple Workers

There will always be that next staff meeting, big training, or event that staff are going to need to attend, and, if we pay them to attend, we need an easy way to calendar it. Lucky for all of us, with QSP all you need to do is create one appointment and assign all relevant […]

QSP Tutorials: Add and Remove Scheduled Workers

There will be times when we need to move workers around, from one house to another, or remove them from the schedule completely, even after we’ve made our perfect calendars. While QSP can’t make those phone calls for you to get shifts covered, it can make it more simple to update those changes on your […]

QSP Tutorials: Deleting Schedules

Life is pretty messy, even with extensive planning and preparation, we can always account for something unexpected to happen. Our industry especially, as joyous as it is, still has to manage people who are serving our people. Well, lucky for you schedulers, QSP can handle messes and mistakes with it’s fast and effective “delete” option. […]

QSP Tutorials: Scheduling Security Application Defaults

Of course we trust our people, but how much freedom we give them can vary. In this tutorial, learn how to put security parameters in place that can prevent the intentional, or accidental, attempt to schedule around your application settings. The first application setting set up in this tutorial are to prevent someone from scheduling […]