This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” Web Chat is part 1 in the Utility Series which highlights the following features:

  • Option List Maintenance
  • Security level Maintenance
  • Level 6 and 7 Security
  • Office and Company Maintenance

Option List Maintenance

Nearly every drop down menu throughout QSP can be customized with the language the represents your agency’s vocabulary. If there is a particular employment position that you use, the Option List Maintenance section can allow you to add those appropriate positions.

Security Level Maintenance

Security clearance in QSP is determined by Employment position. Setting up the security matrix for your operations can be done in the Security Level Maintenance in Utilities. There are seven security levels. Level 1 is the most elite (CEO), and level 7 is the most limited (Personal Attendant).

Level 6 and 7 Security


These security levels are ideal for field staff and will allow scheduling and viewing, but limited access to other parts of QSP. Schedules can be edited by level 6 staff, and an alert will notify the appropriate office personnel. Schedules can be viewed only by level 7 users. For both you will only see the client schedules that you are “trained” with as determined by the data setup in QSP for your agency.

Office and Company Maintenance

If applicable, adding an Office to your company is an option, especially if you have several office locations, or departments. Adding an office helps to filter numerous reports in QuickSolvePlus, and even provide limited access to level 5 users by limiting what “office” they can view data in. Company logos can be updated in Company Maintenance, as well as address and phone numbers for the company.