This QuickSolvePlus “QSP” Web Chat is part 2 in the U-Series which highlights the following features:

  • Human Resource Email Notifications
  • Client Email Notifications
  • Document Library
  • Document Tree

HR Notifications

Agency’s of Regional Centers have an important task at hand when it comes to reminding their employees to get certain requirements and training’s completed, especially when they are about to expire! With QSP’s automatic email notifications, you can set up an alert to remind you, and your staff about an upcoming expiration! Even setup multiple reminders with varying time intervals.

Client Notifications

Don’t let an ISP or POS expire unknowingly ever again. Use QSP’s automatic notifications to alert you and your team of the upcoming expiration. This tutorial details how these are setup, and can even include multiple alerts at any frequency you choose (ie 60, 30, 15… days before). The important thing to remember is that for each person you want to be alerted of these notifications, they must be added as a contact the appropriate client contact list. Just like HR notifications, these email notifications can be maintained within Utilities.

Document Tree and Library

In QSP, this is how you can store documents electronically. You can customize your folder system, and individualize access.