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Employee Schedule Preferences

Here are the 8 key steps to maximizing the use of Schedule Preferences

  1. Set Schedule Preference Security

    Check that the 2 permissions relating to Schedule Preferences are properly set for each Role. We recommend logging in as each Role to ensure that it is configured per your needs.

    1. Employee Schedule Preference Maintenance permission
    2. Schedule Preference Status permission
  2. Setup Schedule Preference Notifications

    This step is important if supervisors want to be notified when employees submit a Schedule Preference Request, and if employees should be notified when the supervisor has Approved or Denied that request. This setup is very similar to Time Off Request notifications and can be configured under Utilities -> Notification Maintenance. There are 3 total Schedule Preference Notifications that can be setup, as desired. The image in 2.2 shows how it appears in QSMessages and as a Text/SMS.

  3. Creating a Schedule Preference: Redesigned

    There are now 2 types of Schedule Preference types:  Unavailable and Preferred. We’ve also redesigned the steps to create a schedule preference to be much more intuitive. Once a Schedule Preference Type is chosen, select the Start Date, as well as Start and End time. Next, choose how often it will repeat (Weekly, Monthly, etc). Finally, choose the date it will end on. Depending on the permissions of the user adding a schedule preference, the Status may also need to be set. This can be done in QSP or QSMobile!

  4. Schedule Preference via QSMobile

    Schedule Preferences are just as easy to manage in QSMobile too. Schedule Preferences that are still pending approval will display as a red color, and those approved will display green, and those denied will display in gray.

    1. —-
  5. Schedule Preferences in Employee Schedule View

    All Approved Schedule Preferences also display in the employee’s schedule view by selecting “Show Schedule Preferences”. The “Preferred” types display with a white background and blue text, and “Unavailable” display with a white background and red text.

  6. Show Available Employees Only 

    We’ve included Unavailable Schedule Preferences to be applied when the “Show Available Employees” filter is selected in the edit shift window. This means that any employee that has an approved Unavailable Schedule Preference that conflicts with any portion of the shift being edited will have their name omitted as an available option.

  7. Conflict Warning

    If scheduling a shift with an employee that has an approved Unavailable Schedule Preference, a warning message will be triggered.

  8. Schedule Preferences Report

    We’ve made a nice report to capture employee Schedule Preferences Details. It’s found under Employees -> Reports -> Schedule Preferences. The selected date range will generate the Schedule Preferences that have a Start Date during that time frame. You can use the optional Preference Type and Status filters to pre-filter the data you want to see exported to Excel.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Schedule Preferences in QSP!