I know we all think we’re perfect, and for good reasons too. But, I’m willing to bet that getting feedback on our work will often times give us the correction we may not have known we needed. QSP provides this feedback with these reports:  Shift Breaks, Shifts with Missing Workers, Shift Overlaps. Granted, QSP will give you “feedback” when you schedule an overlap: shift times with the same worker or client that overlap with one another. These audit reports give us another chance to quickly see the work we’ve done and if we’ve intentionally left gaps or overlaps in the schedule. Remember, QSP gives you the permissions in the application settings to determine what kind of feedback/prompts you want to receive when executing certain actions. Cheers to feedback!


There will always be that next staff meeting, big training, or event that staff are going to need to attend, and, if we pay them to attend, we need an easy way to calendar it. Lucky for all of us, with QSP all you need to do is create one appointment and assign all relevant staff to it, rather than scheduling the same appointment as many times as you have staff. This same functionality works if, for some reason, you need to assign multiple employees to work with one client. Watch the video and learn how this is done!


There will be times when we need to move workers around, from one house to another, or remove them from the schedule completely, even after we’ve made our perfect calendars. While QSP can’t make those phone calls for you to get shifts covered, it can make it more simple to update those changes on your schedules using the Schedule and Remover Worker functions, as you’ll see in this tutorial. These functions are different than just simply editing multiple shifts that contain identical information (go here for that tutorial), because you are able to replace or remove workers from nonidentical shifts in mass. Sched on!