Anchored in Core Values

Working for a company that serves adults with disabilities is not just a profession for me; it’s a deeply personal journey anchored in my core values. The secret to my genuine love for this job lies in the alignment with my beliefs, the compassionate community surrounding me, and the continual personal and professional growth it offers. Here’s a glimpse into my reasons for cherishing this role and tips to help you discover your own “why.”

From the outset, my “why” is rooted in a profound care for people, a value that has been intrinsic to my character. Every day, I have the privilege of collaborating with compassionate, giving individuals who share a mission-oriented commitment to enhancing lives. This shared purpose creates a work environment that feels like a community of like-minded individuals working together toward a common goal.

Fueling My Passion

One of the aspects that consistently fuels my passion for this role is the opportunity to leverage my natural gifts and enhance my skills continually. Being surrounded by a team that appreciates and encourages my strengths allows me to contribute authentically, aligning my unique abilities with the needs of those we serve. This, coupled with the chance for continuous improvement and learning, transforms each day into a personal and professional growth journey.

A significant factor contributing to my job satisfaction is the genuine sense of appreciation I receive from both my team and the organization. Feeling valued extends beyond the acknowledgment of completed tasks; it encompasses recognizing the personal effort and dedication invested in the well-being of our clients. This culture of acknowledgment fosters a positive work environment where everyone’s contributions are celebrated, reinforcing my connection to the mission and the incredible people I work alongside.


Reflecting on my journey, a specific moment stands out – supporting a client through a challenging period and witnessing their growth. When I was an ILS Life Coach, one of my clients was experiencing intense loss and heartbreak. I was able to coach him through it by providing support, care, and tips on processing emotions and changing mindsets. I witnessed his perseverance through this dark time in his life and his coming out on the other side, stronger and more confident.  

This experience highlighted the profound impact of my role and the joy derived from contributing to the newfound independence of those under my care. It’s moments like these that make my work not just a job but a deeply purposeful calling.

If you’re on a quest to discover your “why,” consider these tips:

  1. Reflect on Your Values:  

    Identify the values that resonate with you on a personal level. Understanding what truly matters to you will help align your work with your core beliefs.

  1. Seek Meaningful Connections:  Surround yourself with a community of individuals who share a common mission or purpose. Building connections with like-minded colleagues fosters a supportive environment where everyone thrives.
  1. Recognize Your Unique Strengths: Understand and appreciate your unique skills and strengths. Finding a role that allows you to leverage these qualities can contribute significantly to your job satisfaction.

  1. Embrace Continuous Learning:  Stay open to learning and growth opportunities. Embracing new challenges and expanding your skill set keeps the journey fresh and exciting.

  1. Celebrate Small Wins:  Acknowledge and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Recognizing the positive impact of your work can fuel a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

In conclusion, discovering your “why” is a personal and transformative journey. By aligning your values, building meaningful connections, recognizing your strengths, embracing growth, and celebrating achievements, you can uncover the purpose that makes your work not just a job but a fulfilling and meaningful calling.