Are there any additional hidden costs I should know about?

Nada.  Zippo.  Zilch. Nope.  After your one-time setup fee, its just your subscription service paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Is support for QuickSolvePlus included?

The following support is included for free with all QuickSolvePlus service plans:

  1. Remote setup of your QSP database.
  2. Email technical support with a 24-hour response time promise.
  3. Unlimited access to our comprehensive video training & tutorials library.

We are continuing to learn about our customer’s needs, and the type of support they need. Our main goal: To make your QSP experience successful. We won’t leave you unsupported, and offer more robust support packages for an additional cost.

What makes QSP better than other scheduling tools?

There’s a whole bunch of reasons why we think we’re better, but just to name a few…

  • We are totally online, so you don’t need to buy a single piece of new hardware. Just use your current laptop or desktop PC.
  • We are built with California SLS & ILS in mind; you don’t have to convert your world into someone else’s, just to make a calendar look right.
  • Time cards, payroll data and billing data pull right from the calendar so it’s all synchronized.  Therefore if you’re audited, we’ve got you covered.

Is QSP just another business trying to make money off the SLS & ILS industry?

Not at all!  QSP is the brain child of real people who have been doing SLS and ILS in California since 1996.

Our ambition is to help SLS & ILS agencies be faster and more efficient, because we want your consumers to have you for the long term.  You’re the hero; we just want you to be happy heroes.

How long does it take to get up and running with QSP?

Your QSP database can be setup with its intial configurations the same-day you sign up

After that it’s all about your data entry speed.  This is where the rubber meets the proverbial road…or the fingers meet the keyboard, as it were.  The quicker you can get your data entered into QSP, the quicker you can save time managing your workers and clients.  We estimate about 8 minutes of data entry for each worker, about 10 minutes of data entry for each client and about 15 minutes to build a pretty full schedule.

Put another way: we suggest that with one day’s data entry you’ll be set for a full-time SLS case load.  And with our convenient Repeat Schedule feature, you’ll potentially only have to do that once.

Will QSP work with Regional Center Systems and IHSS?

Yep.  We get IHSS.  And like you, we wish we didn’t have to make these two systems work together, but we figured it out so that you don’t have to.

Is my data protected?

Absolutely.  The only people who will see your client data is you and our tech support team – and only when you ask for their help.  Even the regional centers can’t view your data unless you give them access.

What if my computer crashes? Will I lose data?

 Nope.  Your QSP data is never saved locally on your computer, so you can rest assured that it will always be secure. We recommend using our “Save & Exit” function frequently to ensure that your data is always current at our data center.

Can someone steal our client’s data?

Again, nope. If someone steals your computer, they can’t access any data in QSP.  Only you and your team members with QSP user accounts can access the data. As long as your computer is logged out of QSP, your data is as secure as your password and network are.

What about data controls: can I control who in my agency sees or changes data?

Sure thing.  You can restrict access to many areas of QSP to “view only” or “hide” completely based upon your worker’s job title.

How can I get the schedules to my workers and clients?

You can print them or email them.  Whatever your team likes! Or, they can access schedules via QSMobile, our free mobile app.

Can my workers manage their own schedules?

Sure, why not?  It’s completely up to you how much access and control you give to all people in your team.

What types of computer does QSP work on?

Any computer, really. QuickSolvePlus is browser-based so operates within browsers like: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc!  We’ve got you covered.

But is there an app for ’that’?

Yes!  We have two apps: QSMobile and QSClock and both are available in iOS or Android versions.

What if I have a good idea which QSP doesn’t currently do?

AWESOME!  Please tell us.  We are continuing to build this tool, and you can help us and our whole industry get better and more efficient. Please contact us about your idea.

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