QSClock: Automated Time Clock app

This QSClock tutorial details the proper way to use the QSClock Created shift function to Clock in to a shift that a staff is picking up or covering for another staff. We all know how it goes: Staff A calls in “sick” so Staff B gets called in to replace Staff A. Well, when because Staff B has not been previously scheduled in QuickSolvePlus a shift must be created to clock in to. And, if it has the same client and start and end time of the existing scheduled shift/staff a “Shift Exists” prompt will appear and selecting “Yes” to it will prevent a No Clock In notification from triggering for the staff who is being covered for (Staff A, in this example). Another prompt will ask for a Reason as to why this shift is being created and full details can be written here by Staff B as to why they created the shift.

When selecting the appropriate client to create a shift for, the staff will only see the client faces that have the same office designation of the staff. For example, a staff in the North office will not see pictures of clients in the South office. Also, when using the QSClock Created Shift function, staff must be sure to enter the date and time correctly. Go get ’em!