This provides a brief overview of what is available if using QSP’s SLS Overtime features. These settings are specific for SLS overtime  service only, and are based on the interpretation particular rules from the Department of Labor. Each agency should seek their own legal counsel on overtime for their operations. Please review this video to learn more.

QSPMobile is an app designed for smartphones and is a slimmed down version of QSP! Because our job is not confined to the office, but we are constantly on the go, QSPMobile gives you scheduling capabilities, and, depending on your security level, access to client and worker info. Calendar appointments, write service notes, track POS utilization, all from your mobile device.

This feature is helpful if you are entering a lot of new clients into your QSP database. If your Client Staffing Hours are going to be different than the default 12a to 12a, then set up your own agency-specific parameters in QSP’s Application Settings.

Of course we trust our people, but how much freedom we give them can vary. In this tutorial, learn how to put security parameters in place that can prevent the intentional, or accidental, attempt to schedule around your application settings. The first application setting set up in this tutorial are to prevent someone from scheduling more than one staff with one client during the same period of time. The second app setting discussed is to prevent scheduling someone more than a 12 hour shift. With particular settings comes the option to override using the appropriate security level clearance. QSP’s Application Settings are ideal for customizing your user’s QSP experience to the structure of your agency. Securely onward!