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No matter how you track overtime, our overtime settings allow you to customize overtime the way you want. Are you co-employers with IHSS? We have options for you too.

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SLS Overtime Tools

Managing overtime can be hard. Throw in staff who work in multiple homes, with clients that may have multiple Regional Center authorization codes, and claim IHSS too and managing overtime just got even harder! While we appreciate employees getting paid a fair wage, we also understand that home and community based programs in California may need additional tools to accommodate the recently effective Fair Labor Standards Act Home Care Rule. Take a look at some of the tools we have designed to help reduce your overtime exposure.

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Overtime Video Tutorials

QSP Tutorials: Overtime Payroll Reports

Within QSP is the option to generate payroll processing reports that include SLS overtime calculations. A simple checkbox gives you the freedom to see your SLS OT calculations display on PPR's and Time Sheets for your determined work week.…

QSP Tutorials: IHSS Weekly Cap

Just like setting a weekly OT cap for a client or worker, the same type of limit can be set up to manage how much IHSS a worker or client can be scheduled. The difference is that there are no security override options available. If a user attempts…

QSP Tutorials: 5 Night Rule

There is an optional SLS OT setting within QSP that, if enabled, gives users the ability to assign sleep hours to particular shifts that qualify for this night rule. These sleep hours then become ineligible in overtime calculations. QSP performs…

QSP Tutorials: 24 Hour Rule

If you so choose, you can enable within QSP's SLS OT Settings the 24 hour rule. This features gives agencies the option to exclude up to 8 sleep hours from a consecutive 24 hour shift with the same staff and same client and have those hours…

QSP Tutorials: IHSS Co-employer

Should your agency choose, you can enable within QSP's SLS OT settings the option to consider your agency as a IHSS co-employer. If this is setting is turned on, QSP will calculate IHSS toward the weekly overtime total. This video shows how…