This tutorial shows you how to access and use the IHSS reporting tool which is helpful to see and communicate how many IHSS hours are being used, by whom, on what day, and with which consumer.  This report can be viewed per client, and thus see how IHSS hours are being claimed for each worker, or it can be viewed per worker, to quickly see how their IHSS hours are distributed with each client.  This report is easily printable, and will save you massive amounts of time with whatever method your agency uses to fill out IHSS timecards.

This tutorial shows how a user of QSP can enter the amount of mileage driven with a client during a particular shift. In the edit shift window, not only can mileage be entered, but also the FROM and TO addresses or locations traveled. These location fields can contain a large amount of text, so if the worker is traveling with the client to multiple locations during one shift, you can still capture each address. For example:   FROM: A      TO: B to C to D to E to F and back to A

At any point, a Mileage Tracking Report can be processed for one worker or multiple workers, as well as for one client or multiple clients, depending on your goal for the mileage data. Best of use to you!